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Weekends are too short.

April 19, 2010

And thats what  sucks about Sundays (although other than that, Sunday is a pretty awesome day). The same goes for desert, junk food, and fast food. Somehow they are pretty good, but they also suck…I know, it’s such a random comparison…and somehow I thought of this while looking at this old picture…


Stand Out.

April 14, 2010

Just couldn’t resist putting up another picture!

Bought Book and First Contact

April 14, 2010

Not sure if I mentioned it, but I bought “Becoming an Architect” from Amazon. Hopefully I’ll get it soon so I can read it and write a review of it for myself – call me a nerd, but I can’t wait ha!

I also made contact with Columbia University. So far, its the only school that responded to me (from the very few that I contacted). Basically, I asked about the portfolio that architectural candidates need to submit when we apply. There response:

“The admissions process at the GSAPP is not about making sure that you follow a specific path before you apply. The most important thing for us is that you find a way that represents you and your interests in a visual manner that speaks to your visual aptitude and sensibility. This takes time, so you should give yourself enough to make (and then edit) what you’ve made. There are no specific drawings, you just need to figure out what drawings best represent your thoughts on space.”

Hmm…words that stand out to me…”visual aptitude and sensibility” and “drawings [that] best represent your thoughts on space.” I need to get to work on these. Maybe I’ll post some when I have some good ones.

Amazing Architecture #2

April 14, 2010

Cooper Union: the weirdest looking building that at first I thought was pretty ugly…but reading more about it, the new Cooper Union building is 40% more energy efficient and its looks are just growing on me. It looks too modern that it seems…very ancient. Anyone?

Amazing Architecture #1

April 10, 2010

The past couple of posts have mostly focused more on the Tim aspect of the blog. This post is for the Architect part. Form plus function baby. And texture apparently.

The Guangzhou TV Tower: the designers went for a more feminine tone that is “complex, transparent, curvy, and gracious.” It houses a movie theater, two rotating restaurants, and shops all while having wind blow through from one to another in certain sections. mmMmm…Sexy.

Sea of People

April 9, 2010

Taken after Obama’s concert in Washington, DC.


April 7, 2010

Everyone feels overwhelmed at some point in their lives. I feel that way right now. I feel in a way that I’m letting some people down while trying to organize everything I need to do. Somethings are slipping out and I can’t catch them from falling. In those moments, there’s nothing better than taking a fresh bite out of a huge watermelon.

Cuz even though I’m overwhelmed at the moment, I know I’ll have pwned that watermelon by days end. Copy that.